Weekly Classes

Hello Client,

Welcome to our weekly classes payment page. Our module constitutes of but it’s not limited to

1. discussion posts
2. Quizzes and MCQ’s
3. assignments
4. final exam

There are two approaches we can use
1. you can email us the work on a weekly basis
2. you can give us your class logins we work from the portal

We do guarantee grade B and above because grading depends on the instructor.

You can opt to make weekly payments, half course payment or full payment depending on how many weeks the class will last


To select more than one class, please click on the drop-down menu.

Frequently Asked Questions Clarifications

How much does a class cost per week?

Each class costs $USD 150 per week. This caters to a maximum of 15 pages or 4125 words. In case you have more than 15 pages a week or less, please check the next clause/paragraph

I have less than 15 pages a week, how do we go about that?
In a case whereby you have less than 15 pages, by let’s say 5 pages
the 5 undone pages will be summed up in that you might collectively have a week whereby you won’t make any payment
but we will still do the 15 pages.
I have more than 15 pages a week, how do we go about that?
If you got more than 15 pages, the extra pages will be tallied up to a total of 15 pages,
you will then make an extra payment of $ USD 150 to compensate for these extras
How can I contact you?

If you have any problems or queries, send us an email at [email protected]

or chat with our support agents at any of our websites. We are available 24/7.